Site purpose

Do you like ambient music? This site is to help you find more New Zealand music you might like.

Scope of the directory

With that purpose in mind, my working definition of “New Zealand ambient music” is pretty loose and subjective.

The music makers directory includes:

  • Acts with releases –  I mostly include acts that have at least one full release under whatever name, so there’s something you could have a chance of listening to.
  • Acts that don’t only make ambient music – if someone has released some ambient music I consider worth noting, they’re in scope.
  • Music with beats – I don’t think having drums precludes music being ambient. At the same time, I usually don’t think of laidback hip-hop beats or techno as ambient.
  • Soft end of noise and experimental stuff – Musicians in a room making noise on their instruments quietly are in scope; “producers” making soundscapes that sometimes get rowdy or jarring are in scope.
  • Acts that don’t think of what they do as ambient – The “ambient” part in “New Zealand ambient” is my call as a listener.
  • Ex-pat New Zealanders, groups including one New Zealander, and/or people of any nationality who live(d) in New Zealand – I don’t have time nor inclination to get fussy about the “New Zealand” bit in “New Zealand ambient”.

Who made this?

Michael Upton made this. nonwrestler is my site for my own music and a bit of a blog.

I make ambient music too and I have included those projects in this directory. While it would be nice if more people heard my music who are into that kind of thing, it was in no sense my main motivation. If all I wanted was more plays, building this site would be what I would call “a misdirected effort” and “kinda stupid”. 😆

A man performing on stage with electronic music gear, in a pub.
Jet Jaguar live at San Fran 21 April 2017, by Matt Paterson