Andrew Thomas

Wellington-based Andrew Thomas went and got himself on German label Kompakt back in 2003, after some interesting CDRs and things you might not find online. His sound is often glitchy piano loops, but also often with pretty tonalities among the clicks and pops, in the same way you might find in the Big Names™ of the era like Fennesz or Oval, where the textures can be a little confrontational but it’s balanced out by the harmonies. While elements are sometimes rhythmic, it also feels like events are happening without adherence to the grid of a machine keeping things in time.

Andrew Thomas photo from his Bandcamp

He’s put a couple of tracks online in September 2020 and they are softened and the pops and clicks of earlier material completely absent. Song 9a is a beautiful meandering piano piece, but which i’d guess is not played by a person.


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Fearsome Jewel (2003)

Hushhh (2004)

Between Buildings And Trees (2010)

Has heaps of: Acoustic instruments, Glitches
Decades active: 2000s, 2010s, 2020s
Location: Wellington