Dial seem to have been a group of varying sizes improvising with “radios, toys, gadgets and keyboards”, a few years into this new millenium. While the music is pretty noisy, in an off-station radio kind of way, I think it’s still probably of interest to some ambient music fans.

Here’s a long track recorded in the evening outside a farmhouse in North Auckland, 2003. Check out that ruru doing its thing.

While two albums on Eden Gully are available online, their CDR release on Pseudo Arcana, Live at the Meteor Theatre (2003), hasn’t shown up on that label’s Bandcamp as yet.


Dial Discogs page

Radio Ham B (2006)

Kaukapakapa (2003)

Has heaps of: Field recordings, Glitches
Decades active: 2000s
Location: Auckland, Hamilton