Rudy Adrian

Artist photo from his Discogs page

A prolific Dunedin synth artist, first heard soundtracking the “Art In the Sub-Antarctic” exhibition, which toured New Zealand 1990-1992. He first started making electronic music while studying¬†Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury, and in the following years at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany.

He has many releases on the American label Spotted Peccary, most recently at time of writing, As Dusk Becomes Night (2021).

On his own Bandcamp page he has uploaded a few releases unavailable elsewhere, including the four long tracks that made up the very early SubAntarctica (1990).


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Rudy Adrian Bandcamp (Spotted Peccary label)

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Rudy Adrian Discogs page

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Has heaps of: Synths
Decades active: 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s
Location: Dunedin