Photo of mHz from his website

Mo H. Zareei has the most fortuitous initials for a sound artist with an interest in the foundational blocks of electronic sound. So, yeah, his releases show up under “mHz”, as in “millihertz”. Dr. Mo is an Iranian sound artist based in Wellington, where he lectures in composition and sound art. He got a physics degree before his music and sound related masters and doctorates.

His five releases to date arguably all have music of interest to ambient fans, with the last three occupying very sparse, almost completely beatless territory.

Same Room, Another Day (2022, on Richard Chartier’s LINE imprint) is 14 5-minute crackly computer drones, prosaically marking time in MIQ.

Earth’s Shadow (2021, also on LINE) is three long pieces. The first track has a little bite, but the quiet synthesized swells of the second are very peaceful.

sometimes after two, somewhere else (2020) is similarly meditative, perhaps in a more melancholy way, as its tones slowly shift over 33:33.

His first two albums, Form (2019) and Function (2020) often deploy loud and punchy rhythms in big blocks of electronic sound, but in particular Form also has its moments of tasty crackling ambience that might appeal if you’re into Alva Noto, say.

Apart from his own releases, Zareei is a director of Aotearoa Audio Arts, who have put on some very relevant and interesting events.


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Has heaps of: Drones, Glitches, Synths
Decades active: 2010s, 2020s
Location: Wellington