Omit live photo from Discogs

Omit (Clinton Williams) is another New Zealander more associated with the noise scene (such as it is) but definitely at the quiet end. He is known for icy soundscapes made from handmade and salvaged electronic instruments, using motors to make minimal, hypnotic rhythms, sometimes in place of the typical drum machines.

Although he has a massive discography of physical releases over decades, there is plenty to check out online from even the last few years. As well as releasing on local noise labels like Corpus Hermeticum, Pseudo Arcana and End of the Alphabet Records, he has released on multiple labels internationally too. Check the links for what I could rustle up.


Omit Discogs page

Enclosures 2011-2016 5xCD (2018)

Negative Pulse Logic (2017)

Omit Live @ Medusa 13-10-2012 (2012)

Interceptor (2008)

Tracer (2005)

Has heaps of: Beats, Drones, Glitches, Synths
Decades active: 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s
Location: Blenheim