RST image from his Bandcamp

RST’s “garden shed psychedelic space drone” is another link between indie and ambient music in New Zealand: before RST, Andrew Moon may have been best known from drumming for The Goblin Mix (Flying Nun) in the 80s. Early RST releases showed up on Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)’s label Ecstatic Peace! and NZ noise label Corpus Hermeticum.

Moon is adding fresh drones and selections to his Bandcamp page, as well as having a decent chunk of his discography online to explore. Air (2023) is the latest full album, available digitally and on CD.

His self-titled album (2019) for American label Utech Records is another example of the back catalogue, a double LP covering a decent amount of his range.

Or you could jump back and check out Warm Planes (1999), originally on local label Corpus Hermeticum.


RST Bandcamp page

RST (2019)

Spectra (2018)

RST Discogs page

RST Soundcloud page

RST Facebook account (which he links to from his Bandcamp, so I guess he uses this to talk music?)

Has heaps of: Drones, Guitars
Decades active: 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s
Location: Christchurch