Jo Contag photo from Monkey Records’ website

Johannes Contag made three albums in the first decade of the century under the alias Sleepytime. Unlike his music with say Cloudboy, The Golden Awesome, or Mink, this solo work is focused on quiet synth music. The alias came about from a friend falling asleep in front of the speakers during an early mixdown.

The three albums vary in sound, from the synth drones of You Are Feeling Sleepy (2001) through a mix of sounds on Vol 2.: Schlafwander (2003) including piano pieces, mellow band instrumentals and more, to the album-length single-track of Vol 3.: The Twilight Drone (2007) which progresses through high tones and sweeping white noise to a slow regular electronic pulse.


Sleepytime artist page on Monkey Records website

Sleepytime Discogs page

You Are Feeling Sleepy (2001)

Vol 2.: Schlafwander (2003)

Vol 3.: The Twilight Drone (2007)

Has heaps of: Acoustic instruments, Drones, Field recordings, Synths
Decades active: 2000s
Location: Wellington