Sonya Waters

In recent years Sonya Waters has been making music based around wind turbines, synths, pianos, and her vocals. She released an album The Sheltering Ranges (2020) that captures this exploration. The B-side to the cassette features remixes by music makers from New Zealand and abroad, including Ludus, Jet Jaguar and composer Dugal McKinnon.

Sonya has four decades of prior experience making music, only recently stepping into the realms of ambient. She talks about what she has been doing with The Sheltering Ranges in an interview for Flying Nun’s blog, explaining it began as part of studying Sonic Arts at the the New Zealand School of Music (Victoria University of Wellington).

Photo of Sonya Waters from the Flying Nun article above


The Sheltering Ranges (2020)

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Has heaps of: Acoustic instruments, Field recordings, Synths, Voices
Decades active: 2020s
Location: Wellington